An interesting announcement by IREIT Global yesterday about the sale of the manager to a subsidiary of a private equity firm perked my interest to do a little bit of digging on the company being sold to, and to my surprise, there was a little twist to the deal.


To recap, Tikehau Capital, a private equity firm, is acquiring 80% of the shares in the manager of IREIT Global, and once that is done, Tikehau will control IREIT Global through their asset management company, Tikehau Investment Management.

From the company’s website, it appears that they are holding on to a couple of real estate properties, which is good, since there is a ready supply of properties to be injected into IREIT Global if needed, and it would seem that it’s quite a good deal – at least on paper. Only time will tell if Tikehau can manage IREIT Global well, as compared to the current management.


To add icing to the cake, it would appear that Temasek has recently invested into Tikehau according to their news release, and they own slightly more than 5% of the company. Hopefully the “Big Brother effect” will help to calm the nerves of investors who are worrying about IREIT Global’s future. What a twist!

Finally, an interesting thing to take note is that current CEO and Chief Investment Officer will be required to tender their resignations once the deal is done. This sounds very much like a typical Hong Kong drama, which leaves one speculating what’s going on behind IREIT’s closed doors. Let’s hope that whatever happens will be water under the bridge once the deal is done.