As 2015 ends, there were two stocks which I picked up recently which raised equity through rights issues and preferential offers – ARA Asset Management Limited and Viva Industrial Trust.

For ARA, it seemed like a pretty good opportunity to own a REIT manager, and not surprisingly, ARA’s share price fluctuated before, during and after the rights issue. Being used to this, I bought a small stake with my CDP account, and subscribed to just the right amount of rights (if fully allotted with my entitled and excess rights) which I estimated to be about $1.15 once the volatility passed, and I was spot on. I also took the opportunity to buy more ARA shares to average down along the way. It’s still not “filled” to my target allocation amount, so I’m going to take it slow, now that the price has somewhat stabilized.


As for Viva Industrial Trust, given the market sentiment and share price, I decided to just buy and oversubscribe to the minimum amount of offered shares to hit one board lot, as I believed that the share price would move down after the shares were alloted. Again, I was right on the money, and bought some off the market to average down. As with ARA’s shares, I am going really slow on this counter as well.