CDPFeesDue to my semi-active state of investing in the stock market, I had some share transactions which were not recorded electronically, or the buy contracts kept in a safe place. Being the curious sort, I wondered if the CDP had a service to retrieve past statements, and it would seem that they do – at a fee, of course. The fees are listed as above.

The statement I was interested in was the consolidated account movement fee, which costs $64.20. The monthly statements are as per what you see when CDP mails you the statement, I would presume.

30401313 - 07_01_2014 - jkcdp08

Thus, I took a trip down to the CDP office near Buona Vista, and requested for a statement for my CDP account from 1 Jan 2009 to Dec 2014, and paid for the service by NETS. One week later, I got a mail from the CDP. Here’s a sample of mine (with necessary private information redacted):


While this is interesting in jogging my memory, it would seem to be a bit of a waste of money for those that have very little transactions. However, for investors who have forgotten when they had bought the shares, it is a vital piece of information to obtain for your entire portfolio, especially when taking over the estate of a deceased person, or figuring out if it is still possible to salvage a penny stock portfolio.

Hopefully, this article can come in handy, as the CDP does not have a sample statement of securities movement for your account.