Recently I heard a classic Disney song on my iPod while working, and I suddenly realized how the song relates to investing. It might sound a little random, but, trust me, it is related. Which song is it? Well, if the picture above doesn’t give you a clue, then here’s the song.

Basically the entire song revolves around how to be a man. While the song title might be cliched, and it is an animated movie for kids, the lyrics make more sense if we take a closer look at the chorus:

Be Swift as a Coursing River

Just as in war during the time of Hua Mulan, when a business or investment opportunity arises, one must move quickly in order to take advantage of fear or the blue ocean in the market.

Have All the Force of a Great Typhoon

“The onrush of a conquering force is like the bursting of pent-up waters into a chasm a thousand fathoms deep” quoth Sun Tzu, and when attacking the enemy – in our case, cornering the market – we must be dynamic, and when an opportunity rises, strike forcefully – no matter if it is with a thousand spears, or with a fistful of dollars.

Have All the Strength of a Raging Fire

In times of turbulence and volatility, we must persevere and keep calm. Strength in this case does not refer to physical or financial strength, but the strength to maintain discipline and be at peace with our losses.

Mysterious as the Dark Side of the Moon

Discretion is the better part of valor, and it applies to investing as well. Stocks which are the flavors of the month and companies that have been covered by analysts might not be necessarily a good pick, and it might be better to dig deeper into the market to find a valuable diamond in the rough that is the stock market.

Well, I must apologize to my dear readers if it seems really random, but I hope that it serves as a motivational read at the very least to you. As always, caveat emptor.